Soc of Family–some important details!

Hi–as promised here are the section titles for the pages from Chapter 11 (violence) and Chapter 12 (divorce).

Chapter 11: read the section titled “Violence in the Media”

Chapter 12: read everything up to the section titled “consequences of divorce for spouses and children”. ONE EXCEPTION: you do need to know the differences between “his” and “her” divorce. His divorce = improved standard of living/increased personal freedom/ personal isolation. Her divorce = personal isolation/decreased standard of living. HOWEVER, even though women’s standard of living decreases after divorce, they are the ones who most often initiate a divorce.

Good luck and email if you have questions.


Family links

Hi–here are some links to articles and ideas we’ve been discussing in class. Take a look!

This article discusses the gender wage gap.

It may come down to this troubling reality, new research suggests: Work done by women simply isn’t valued as highly.


….pure discrimination may account for 38 percent of the gender pay gap.

The article ends with a few suggestions–take a look, especially if your project deals with this issue.

Also, if you’re looking for more information for your projects, take a look at the “Family Inequality” blog.

Sexuality/Intimacy Readings

Last week I mentioned an article that discusses the idea of “intimate justice”–here it is. The focus is on young girls’ sexuality. The ideas in the article fit with some of what’s in your textbook. I’ll add more readings to the topic…it’s an interesting one. And, like we discussed last week, falls in with our (western) idea that sexuality and sexual pleasure are defining features of our identities.

Revised Women and Media Schedule



Apr 4:  

GRCM #15 “Transgender Transitions: Sex/Gender Binaries in the Digital Age”


Apr 11:                        Working in Media (Click on the readings tab to find these)

GRCM #32 “Nothing Less Than Perfect: Female Celebrity, Ageing, and Hyper-Scrutiny in the Gossip Industry”     GRCM #29 “Sex, Lies, and Advertising

“Hollywood’s Pathetic Treatment of Women is Ready for Its Close-Up  (in Mother Jones, January 30, 2016)

Apr 18:              (Links are coming…)

Tiziana Terranova, “Free Labor”

“Hope Labor”

Apr 25:                        SPRING BREAK

May 2:                        TBA (Most likely Sad Girl Theory, Sick Woman Theory. Stay tuned!)

May 9:                        TBA

May 16:             Wrap up!