A quick note for Spring ’20 Students

Well, well, well. What a week! Things are changing by the hour and I know many of you are frantically packing up, moving out, and heading home. And I also know that home is often overseas. Let’s all take the week to get settled, and enjoy what was suppose to be spring break. I will send out new schedules and assignments next week, with new deadlines. I’m keeping in mind the new challenges and realities we are all facing so expect different types of work–I’m hoping to make it fun and for you to be able to do it when you can. Please reach out if there’s anything I should be aware of, any special considerations you need. I am open and flexible.

NMDD students, you’ve already read a great deal on design thinking! I consider you on your way to becoming great designers, thinkers, and design thinkers!

And same goes for my Fashion students, we’ve had great class discussions already, which I miss! I will re-calibrate the remaining workload and will post short writes-ups here to help with the concepts.

In the meantime, here’s a thoughtful article by Robin Givhan on the ways clothing assists the social order, and what happens with we don’t have to get dressed for ‘work’ (or school). Has your relationship to fashion, clothing, and/or getting dressed changed since the quarantine began? How, or what has changed?

Wash your hands, keep your distance!

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