Final Project

Final Project: Sociologically Informed Fashion Blog
Due: May 15, 16 in class

You can work alone or in groups (I STRONGLY recommend groups. How about who you worked with for the narrative analysis of our class problems…) to create a fashion blog that is informed by, applies, and utilizes sociological theories, methods, as well as our readings and discussions. You have free range here but you MUST have the following criteria:

1. 1500 words of text
2. The successful application of ONE sociological theory
3. compelling images and/or media (videos, music, art, photography etc)
4. A narrative analysis of a fashion trend (either a current trend or a past trend). Examples of trends include: normcore, grunge, the bird exhibition in the A building (or any of the exhibitions in the Musuems), drag, or any other trend you are interested in!
5. THIS reading will help you think about fashion and its historical and social context. Please use in your work.

I suggested to the Thursday class that you use the work you’ve already done–why not try to explore how the themes found on our narrative analysis of our personal problems find expression in fashion.

You can use any blogging platform you like (wordpress, blogger, tumblr…I suggest wordpress). let me know if you have questions on setting up the blog.

Leave any questions in the comment section below.

Good luck!

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