Cat Calling (FREE POST)

“Hey there pretty lady.”


“Nice {insert female body part}!”

“Can I get your number?”

“Hey you! You dropped something….my heart!”


As a woman living in New York City, these are all lines and tactics I’ve grown used to. A high number of females have been hunted, like prey on the streets…by men who think they are doing them a favor (making them feel sexy). But cat calling has the opposite effect. Women who have come forward to authorities say it’s, skin-crawling, gut-wrenching, inappropriate, embarrassing, scary, and down right disgusting.

Most men have gone as far as justifying their behavior by saying that they can’t control themselves. “It’s a natural instinct. Plus, girls want to feel sexy…they want us to give them attention. Am I right?” Wrong! To assume that every woman that crosses your path, desperately wants your attention is ridiculous. In these situations, most women are visibly frightened by the aggressor, or they actively avoid groups of men (by crossing the street, or looking down at the floor).

Most of these men have the tendency to say what’s on their mind…but, the truth is that we do not want to hear it! And depending on how you handle the situation, things can turn for the worse. Why has this behavior become a social norm among men? Why is it okay, for a man to call a woman provocative names, and go as far as making her feel like an object? Clearly they have daughters, sisters, and mothers of their own. How would they feel if another man was ogling their precious loved ones? The issue here, is that women are seen as objects alone. Women are symbols…sex symbols. Unless men start to open their eyes to how harmful their behavior is, cat calling will continue to escalate. Unfortunately, females have to put up with being howled at like pieces of meat for now. “AWOOOOOOOOOOOOGAAAA!”


To look further into how men justify cat calling, check out this video. Here is the very disturbing film on “Why Guys Do It.” 

Taja Dove (tajawaja)