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I’m looking forward to this semester–there are a few topics I will be coming back to and I’m always open for suggestions from YOU. We’ll keep our ears open for new and emerging discussions and trends but I would like to consider the labor (labor is a sociologically way to say “work”) that goes into the fashion world. Think about just how much work goes into fashion! Even your pictures on instagram contribute to the fashion industry! 


More on this in the next few weeks. One thing we will practice from now until December is understanding the narratives (or stories) fashions convey. I’m working on a paper on the 1970s so here are some images I found on pinterest. What do you see in these images? 


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Wissinger: Modeling Consumption

The Wissinger Article talks about the unspoken job that models have. They sell more than just products they sell a life style. Costumers might buy something a model wears because they like the way it looks, but they might also be subconsciously relating that product to the lifestyle that the rich and glamorous have. A point I found interesting was that the modeling industry is using model’s social lives as part of this marketing. Not only are people seeing models wearing/using products in magazines, they are seeing them wear them at restaurants or nightclubs. Everything models do in public is an opportunity for the companies they work for to market their product.

Companies are even seeking out the rich and successful to become models! The founder of Women’s Wear Daily was once asked to model for J. Crew’s ad campaign. The founders of Foursquare modeled for Gap during Christmas 2010. These people are already known as successful business owners and are known to live a rich life so costumers see them in an ad campaign and automatically relate them to the lifestyle they know they have. Do you feel like models are selling us a lifestyle? Do you think using already established celebrities or business owners makes us want to buy these products even more?

Article: http://www.inc.com/maeghan-ouimet/tumblr-founder-david-karp-modeling-jcrew.html