Blog Assignment Schedule



Everyone should have a blog set up by now. See me if you do not. Always try to include pictures. Write in your own words—this is public and if you copy, you could get fined or your blog shut down. Proofread and write clearly.


Here is the schedule of posts.


OCTOBER 16/17: After reading Abi Ishola’s blog post on Fashion and Social Protest, write three questions you’d like to ask her. Explain why you’re asking the question you’re asking! Almost as if you’re interviewing her—set up your question. Then look around and find an example of some current trend that symbolizes social protest. Include pictures!


OCTOBER 23/24: As part of your review, write about 2 of the sociological theories. Explain the theory and then find an example of the theory from something, anything going on today. Link to your examples or embed in your posts.


OCTOBER 30/31: Read this: “White Privilege” by Peggy McIntosh: and write about the privileges you experience that others may not—(privileges of age, race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, height….the list goes on…)


NOVEMBER 6/7: After reading the two blog posts, Kay and Shipmen and Valenti, try to decide which writer is more of a sociologist, or think about which one you think I would agree with more. Justify your answer! (There is a right answer!)


NOVEMBER 13/14: Explain the kind of stratification system we have in America. Next, find one example of a “legitimating rationale” from any online news source.


NOVEMBER 20/21: How does stratification contribute to fashion? Do people use fashion to express their social position? Does it work?




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