Survival of the Prettiest

Am I pretty enough? This is a probably a question most women ask themselves every single day, and for some reason the answer to this question will somehow validate our existence. Beauty standards is a topic that all women either love or hate to talk about, and it’s something that, when you really think about it, isn’t even a real concept. We’ve seen it all over the media. The juxtaposed ad of “how to get the perfect summer body” right next to an ad about “how to love the skin you’re in”. Women are told to aspire to be a size 0 and in the same breath they ask women why they don’t love themselves. Are women really only useful for providing visual pleasure that we need to know all the right steps to being valued in society? The media is basically telling us that women are worth what they look like. But what is considered pretty or beautiful? Why does the media only have one concept of what beauty is and is trying to fit women into this pigeonhole of a beauty standard? In fact, the media has created a standard of beauty that isn’t even possible to achieve due to the magic of PhotoShop. Society has created this ideal standard of what a woman should be instead of valuing a woman for other reasons. This article shows several ways how the beauty industry has marketed their products in a way that tells women that they aren’t good enough. It’s very interesting to think about, but I believe that as long as you are comfortable with the way you are and you are healthy, that is what makes a woman beautiful.

Modeling Consumption

Wissenger’s article, “Modeling Consumption” discusses the modeling career and what goes on behind the scenes. Everyone knows that models are used for marketing, but what many people don’t know is that they are also selling a lifestyle along with their product. When the model in the picture appears to be rich and glamorous, the consumer will be enticed to purchase the product in order to obtain that same rich and glamorous lifestyle. Because of this, and the fact that the models’ appearances are what makes them money, models are constantly working. Simply getting a haircut or manicure affects the lifestyle they are selling because it is changing their appearance and therefore becomes a part of their job. 

Recently a new jewelry line designed by sisters Danielle and Jodie Snyder talked about how their jewelry line has become so successful because of the fact that they sell a lifestyle along with their products. The two sisters often post pictures of themselves wearing the jewelry while their on tropical vacations or going out at night to big parties. Their jewelry is also worn by several celebrities which is also a way to sell a lifestyle along with their line. This is the link to the article I found: I believe what they are doing is extremely smart because they are subtle in the way they do it. Instead of throwing their product in everyone’s faces on social media, they simply wear their jewelry in their photos.