Finals, due dates, end of semester info

Here’s a list of due dates, final times, and presentation dates for my DTEM classes.

1401 Intro to DTEM:

Presentations start April 25, April 30, and anyone left on May 3.

Review for the final will be May 3.

Paper are due May 3rd.

Final is Thursday, May 10th at 1:30, LL 308

1402 Digital Cultures:

Presentations April 25, 30, May 3 (final projects due no later than May 3)

Review April 25

Final Monday May 14th at 1:30, LL 424

Social Media:

Presentations on paper/project #2 April 30th

Review April 30th

Final Thursday May 10th at 9:30, LL 305

Fashion and Digital Media: 

Presentation of final project for class website: Wednesday May 9th at 1:30, LL 518

Final personal websites due May 9th, 5 PM



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