Hello Intro to Soc students!


Welcome to our class and our class website. Be sure to check in her regularly–in fact, subscribe so you never miss a post. I will post readings, links and announce important updates on this site. I also use twitter, @fashioning_soc so please follow along there as well. 


I’m looking forward to this semester–there are a few topics I will be coming back to and I’m always open for suggestions from YOU. We’ll keep our ears open for new and emerging discussions and trends but I would like to consider the labor (labor is a sociologically way to say “work”) that goes into the fashion world. Think about just how much work goes into fashion! Even your pictures on instagram contribute to the fashion industry! 


More on this in the next few weeks. One thing we will practice from now until December is understanding the narratives (or stories) fashions convey. I’m working on a paper on the 1970s so here are some images I found on pinterest. What do you see in these images? 


70simage3huton70s70shair 70simagehuston70s70simage1

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