Free Post: Stereotypes – Angela Chen

One of the most common problems in society today is stereotypes. Stereotypes are a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a type of people or thing. This is an idea that people have developed on a specific kind of people. This difference can be the difference between races and/or gender. People will hear about these kinds of stereotypes everywhere whether it’s on the street or on the internet. These types of criticism can affect many people and can get people very agitated. There are stereotypes about almost every race and many about gender differences.
Many stereotypes are merely opinions and they aren’t necessarily true. However, even though a lot of the stereotypes aren’t true, it doesn’t matter for many people actually believe it. Some stereotypes against races can also be seen as racism. Many stereotypes you hear online can actually affect you if they are targeting your race or gender. Race stereotypes are usually based on the majority of the people in that race. In modern days, it may or may not be true anymore but people still believe them. A few examples would be that “Black people are usually poor and steal things”, “Mexicans are lazy and came to America illegally” and “Asians are good at math and can’t drive”. These stereotypes can be seen as racist by many perspectives. They may or may not be true nowadays but people still believe them.
These stereotypes aren’t limited to races and a huge number of them are aim towards gender differences. In society, man versus woman is a big topic and people are always arguing over which is better and which one gets things done. Because of how they act, there are also a lot of gender stereotypes that people make up and others believe. Along with how race stereotypes can be taken as racism, gender stereotypes can also be taken as sexist. Some common gender stereotypes are “Men are messy and unclean”, “Women can’t do as good of a job as a man”, and “Women talk a lot and can’t drive.” These stereotypes can be very harmful and can criticize half the people in the world. These stereotypes are sometimes so popular that they become internet memes and posted all over the internet.
If you go online, chances are that you will hear stereotypes. One problem common with internet users is that they believe everything they hear and won’t go and do further studies to make sure that they got the facts. Many people get offended everyday by stereotypes whether it is gender or racial. People are checking to see if stereotypes are actually true or not and most are outdated or made-up. If you do believe these stereotypes can continue to use them in the society, use them wisely because you can turn a lot of people into enemies. Be smart on the internet and don’t believe everything that is said there because mostly likely it will be true but they can also be false.

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