Second Exam and other updates

Hey everyone,
Crunch time has begun–some great work today by the 9AM class on their fashion blogs, I’m really excited to see them all. Here are a few things to remember:

Be sure to really analyze your fashion theme/trend/moment/history–what is the story being told? Why did this fashion moment happen at a certain time and place? Fashion is definitely a symbol–what does that mean? What does your fashion symbol communicate? You could also think about what’s going on in the world and then look at how such current events are worked through in the fashion world.

Also, it’s good to write something, walk away, and re-read it later. This will help you edit and find awkward sentences and sections. Even better, have someone else read it!

EXAM: the second exam is posted above on the menus, I will have printed copies and scantrons in the social sciences office tomorrow. Please pick up a scantron and a test, if you need. Exams are due May 16th (Friday) by 3 PM. Turn it in the B634–the social sciences office. Look for a box with my name on it. All you need to turn is the scantron.

see you soon.

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