Free Post- Danielle Proseus

I recently watched a YouTube video that stuck with me. A model named Cameron Russell spoke about the superficial side of the modeling world. Cameron Russell talks about the negative side of business modeling that Elizabeth Wissinger talks about in her article “Modeling Consumption”. Wissinger pointed out how models are selling us a lifestyle. Their job is far beyond just the catwalk.

Cameron has been a model for ten years now. She came on in a skinny black dress and introduced herself as a model. She pointed out that immediately people stereotyped her in the audience. I have to say that even I felt like she looked like a typical model. She then changed into a longer skirt and she took off her heels and put a sweater on. She then showed a picture of herself with a guy. She explained how uncomfortable she was in that photo and how that was really her first close experience with a guy. Is a pretty white girl really what’s considered sexy today? Cameron won the genetic lottery. She has been cashing out on her luck. Why does every girl want to become a model, when young girls can aspire to be anything they want? Cameron pointed out that once you become a model, most of the time you end up limiting yourself to other careers. The modeling world is all about business. Cameron says that every photo is a construction, not a photo of a real person. Just like Wissinger pointed out, that a models whole entire lifestyle is a construction.

Cameron lived a very different lifestyle where she would get things for free. She received a dress for free if she didn’t have money and she even got out of driving tickets. Can modeling really make you a happier and better person? And yes even Cameron Russell lives an insecure life everyday. Image is superficial.

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