Weber’s Conception of Power and Anna Wintour, Taylor Kent

Weber’s Conception of Power

In Weber’s theory of theoretical conceptions of class, he believed “that sociologists should take into account the dynamics of power and status in society.” Power, status and money are huge factors in our social society. They can work together and create a very powerful person. For example in the fashion industry, Anna Wintour, Editor for Vogue, has power, status and money, which puts her at the top of the fashion pyramid. Anna Wintour is a tyrant in the fashion industry and in society where she calls the shots. The article, For Anna Wintour, Power Is Always in Vogue which was featured in The New York Times shows just how powerful and influential Anna Wintour is. She commands everyone’s attention ranging from Sarah Jessica Parker to President Obama. The article shows that she is even getting involved in politics. And not just cheap politics, dinners that cost $40,000 a person. If you have money behind you, you can gain a lot of power. Anna has the backing of Vogue, which is the highest-ranking fashion magazine, and with this she is virtually unstoppable. Power and money both coincide in her life and are huge factors in why she can do whatever she wants.

When one has both power and money they can, as Weber puts it “get one’s way even when faced with opposition from others.” This kind of power can make others below feel inferior. No matter who it is when you have both (money and power) it can give you certain advantages in.

Society is largely shaped by both power and money. This is a big narrative in our culture that we are shaped by those in government and high power positions. They are the “big dogs” making all of the decisions and the ones who really have a voice. They (most of the time) cannot be stopped because they can buy their way out or are powerful enough so no one will get in their way. As stated in the article, “Vogue has certainly been kind to the Obamas.” This shows that not only does Anna Wintour’s status, power, and money shape the fashion industry but she now has the Obamas’ behind her and that means she has the power of the government behind her also. Weber defined power as, “the probability that one actor within a social relationship will be in a position to carry out his own will despite resistance.”

Should we be concerned of people like this taking over our society? Is there any way we can put a stop to this?

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