Socialization, Gillian Delucia

Chapter 10: Socialization

Throughout this chapter we see how Nature and Nurture play a huge part in the development of a human. Socialization is also a huge part of how we form our inner “me” and can determine where we end up in society. The chapter talks about the “real world” and how the social status of the family we are born into can greatly affect how we act as adults. If you come from a family with a low social status you are brought up with traits of obedience to authority, neatness and good behavior. Children growing up in a higher social status family have parents that stress creativity, self-dependence, ambition, independence and self-direction. Depending on how you are raised that will play a part in the friends you choose and what kind of job you get when you are an adult.

But what if the environment in which you were raised played a part also? Would growing up in the city as opposed to suburbia make a difference? The article I found is a little dated but speaks true to the topic at hand. We see in this article that other than school and family interaction there is no real socialization between communities in the suburbs. In the city we can use public transportation, walk to the store and interact with our neighbors. The suburbs are more car-based communities and in turn involuntarily forces less interaction between people. I believe this article definitely shows that there are many factors that mold the people we become; not just the basic nurturing and social interaction but the physical place we live also plays a huge role.


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