Chapter 10 Socialization : Nature and Nuture

When people are born, the biological characteristics are determined by the genes of their parents such as their hair colors, eye colors, skin colors, heights and certain genetic diseases. We call this the biological nature.  The nurture is the process of being socialized by environment. Humans are born from the nature and their development of growth is determined by their surroundings such as society, people, languages, behavior and lifestyles. I have found an article about the 6 cases of children raised by animals and I would like to discuss about three major changes – languages, behaviors, and lifestyles in their life by social factors.

In this article, there are 6 cases of children who raised by different animals. First, the most common change was the language. In the case of 3, it shows an example. A five-year-old girl called “Natasha” who was raised by feral cats and dogs only communicated with hisses and barks. Just like her, most of children who were raised in isolation had difficulties with communications. Even after they were rescued, they either had a little spoken in human words or weren’t able to speak a word.

Second, there were changes in behaviors. A boy in Russia who grew up in the locked room with goats couldn’t sleep in the cot and tried to sleep underneath. Mariana who was raised by monkeys knew how to catch birds and rabbits by her bare hands through adopting what other monkeys do. These behaviors are changed throughout times as their environment changed.

Lastly, human’s lifestyle changes. Most cases in this article shows how their living environment with animals changed their lifestyle. For example, human beings are born to live in human community, however, as they grew up with other animals these people are hard to adopt human environment. According to the article, “wolf children” who were discovered in 1920 died by illness after they left jungle. People are assuming that there were much differences between wild lifestyle and average human lifestyle and this caused illness which it led them to death.

Overall, these people are all in nurture status. They are all born as human and certainly people are born with human mind, and lifestyle. However, these people, who grew up in wild, shown different behaviors, and lifestyle. Thus, it proves that people changes over time due to their environment. Numerous people think all creatures live with biological nature, however, as it shown in the article, it proves that language, behavior, and lifestyle may change depend on their environment and their surroundings.

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