Foran Article: “ How to Design a City for Women”


Clare Foran’s article “ How to Design a City for Women” discusses the environmental needs of women. The project began in 1999 in Vienna, Austria when a survey was taken on how men and women use public transportation. Since the early 1990’s gender mainstreaming has been important to keep equality between men and women in Austria. This concept has played a big part in urban planning. Housing was created to make life easier for women. This was all a major investment in women.

The article highlighted something far beyond just building parks. Investing in women is crucial within every community. Women when given the right tools invest in their communities. Woman Investing in Women was founded in 2011 by Ms. Anu Bhardwaj. This is a branded coalition and social movement. Creating access to capital and supporting economic empowerment for women and girls. “The activities range from advocacy for global women’s issues, access to capital seminars for women entrepreneurs, and to increasing the number of women on corporate boards and in the global private equity industry”. Here is the website: I also found another amazing article on empowering women. I would also like to share this article on investing in women: Are women a crucial part of our communities? When given the right tools do women give back? How important is a global economic revolution like Women Investing in Women to our society? Do you think that investing in women is investing in our future?




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